Blustery Days, Blustery Mind.

I have nothing witty to say.  Nothing of substance or humor to relay.  No tacos, even though it's Tuesday.  Damn.  It's fucking Wednesday.  Ha!

Also.  It is cloudy here.  The leaves are a gorgeous multitude of fall colors.  The wind is whipping.  This is classic Pooh Bear style blustery-ness.

My dad isn't feeling well.  Understatement.  I'm worried about my kiddo for reasons that are none of your damn business.  (I'm polite, right?)  My dog is sick.

I'm not in a poor mood or at a loss for hope.  It springs eternal.  My insides feel like the outside.  My mind is a bit windy today.

Is a storm going to come thru?  Is it all going to blow past.  I don't know.  It looks like rain outside.  Let's hope the internal forecast changes.

How could it not, really, when my kids are chanting "hips!  boobs!  hips!  boobs!" at the dinner table for whatever reason kids do thing.  Awesomeness, I suppose.

See?  Told you "windy mind."


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