Introduction Monday- You are welcome. (Because you WILL thank me.)

Today my lovelies, I shall introduce you to a few of my favorite things!  I'm all Juli Andrews like that, and shit.

Bluebell Ice Cream.  Bluebell Ice Cream.  Bluebell Ice Cream.
Have you had it?  It's made in texas, so by default it's wonderful, of course.

My all time favorite flavor is pecan, pralines and cream, but milk chocolate is amazing.  So is The Great Divide and Mexican Praline and Cherry anything.  Oh God.  I love it with a love that is fiery and passionate.  Don't get between me and my Bluebell.  It's so fucking good.  God, I love it.  

I got this picture from their facebook.
I would have taken a picture myself, but I don't have any here.  Poor me.
Dripping Springs Vodka is one of the best grain based vodka I have ever had.  It's incredibly smooth.  It extremely high quality and very reasonably priced considering its badassness.  If you ever get the chance to try some, do so.

Pat Green- good ol' Texas boy.

best used book store ever!  Denton, Tx- on the square.  In the old opera house.

Also, I love the Dallas Cowboys.  They are on right now and blowing it against the Bears.  It's breaking my heart.  Tony and I need to have a chat.  He just gets rattled and loses his composure.  I know he's taking heat in the pocket, but I think he forgets to breathe.  

That wraps up monday night introductions.  Welcome to Texas.  Ok, not really.  But I hope your live gets better by just experiencing these treats.

Now I have to cry.  The bears just scored, again.  Can you hear my heart breaking?  Can you?  It's loud and painful.  


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