Throwback Thursday- Elementary Gym Class

Our oldest daughter, Bella decided, with our help, that she wanted to play soccer last spring.  We signed her up and off she went!  The first couple of practices she was really into it.  She made contact with the ball every time she tried to kick it, she ran with the other kids, she put effort into being goalie and we were pretty excited about the future soccer scholarship she would surely secure.

Then came the second game.... We're going to have to figure our another way to pay for college.

Bella started kindergarten this fall.  She loves it.  Everyday is the best day ever.  Expect for gym day.  It's fun when she gets to play scoop the ball, but it sucks major balls (my interpretation, not her words) when she has to "run or do those pushy up thingies."

I don't know where she gets it...

On a totally unrelated note, I remember this one time when I was in gym class and got out of running laps for a very real injury.  I wrapped my ankle up in toilet paper and told my teacher that the doctor had said that I couldn't run.  I don't remember if I had to run or not, but I do remember that I pulled a bit of my "cast" off to blow my nose.  It was a twofer.

It's so awesome that there are two generations of awesome super-athletes in one house.


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