Sandy Sunday

I haven't posted a lot lately because
     1) I haven't been feeling very comical which is odd because a lot of funny things happen to/around me and I have an uncanny ability to make fun of just about anything and
     2) I have been busy!  I haven't had a single cookie since the batch that involved the blowdryer and I've cut back significantly on carbs and quantity of food while increasing my activity level.  I take classes at the gym now.  (Crazy, I know!) And, I like them. (Even crazier!)  Losing 9 pounds (so far this month!!! even if most of it is water weight, it still counts and I am pumped!) will keep you really busy.

I kind of want to have a do-over wedding in a few months when I am back to my regular size minus 5 pounds.  Or at least do-over the pictures.  It really sucks that I am at my all time (except for DURING pregnancy) high weight in my wedding pictures.  EXACTLY what you want, right?  Not so much...

     3)  I am (sorry, we- my loving man keeps reminding me to talk about he helps, too) have been redoing some of our furniture.  I realized in a conversation with my cousin that we do not own a single piece of new furniture, except for a few baby things, but those don't count here.  I posted about a shelf (which I sold yesterday! and am not making another one to replace it because I wanted the shelf and the money.  Now I have both.  Well, home depot has the money...) that we completed before and a plant stand.  Now we are doing another shelf, exactly the same, a larger one and making a craft table for the girls.  To do that we are using two of those small cheap shelves from walmart and adding a top... not a good description...  Well, I found the idea on Pinterest and I am super excited.  It's going to be fantastic and hopefully it will get lots and lots of their shit off the floor.

   I have also completed the refurb of 2 (out of 6) chairs.  These two are special!  They were my great grandmother Marian's.  I originally had 5 or 6 chairs from her, but over the years they broke or just fell apart.  I saved the pieces for years and years to fix up when I finally go to this (this as in now) point in my life, but as they are no longer with us, I guess they were an unfortunate causality of our move from Texas.  (I am keeping our current location shrouded in a cloud of mystery as I plan to be ultra famous one day, duh, and I want to avoid stalkers as much as possible.  You have to take the preemptive precautions when you are as badass as I am.  If you don't believe me, just ask.)  The other 6 chairs came from a used furniture store here in town and I'll post before and after pictures when I finally have the after.   I'm pretty excited about these chairs, tho!  I like the colors even more than I thought.  Blue and green are my favorite colors, but Granny Marian also had the seats re-done at one point in blue and green stripe.  So, you know, it worked out.

With all this furniture fancying up, I made two trips to home depot this weekend, sanded for 6 hours...excuse my while I blow 87 pounds of saw dust out of my nose and even got some painting out of My Loving Man.  I am excited, but also very dirty.  I bathed, of course, but I still feel so so so dirty.  I feel like I need to get back in and scrub myself until my skin peel off.  My oh so big pores are fully clogged with saw dust.  Maybe I should have sanded my face....

So, that my friends is why I haven't written much lately.  But, I can't disappoint my imaginary readers and my one fabulous, albeit lonely follower (not lonely in her personal life, but lonely as she is alone of my "followers" list).  Therefore, I must write!  Now, to do that, I have decided to motivate myself with a few themes! Oh yeah!  It's going to be great, here's my idea-

Introduction Mondays
Taco Tuesdays
Throwback Thursday
Fascinating Friday

Don't ask me what the hell that means because I haven't gotten that part figured out just yet, but as plans go, this is really good for me.  And let tomorrow's secrets be what they may until the sun breaks above the dawn... (I totally just make that up.  I know, it sounds like Homer or some shit.  I'm good like that.)

Also, GO COWBOYS!  We won!  Have you seen this commercial?  This is what it's like at my house.  I swear we inspired this.  Now I am just waiting on the Eagles to lose so we can be tied for first in our division ABOVE the Giants.

This will be one of the reasons our kids need therapy...

Until we meet Monday....

(Get it?  introduction Monday....  )


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