Carb crazy and other longings... and happenings.

Carb crazy and other longings ... and other happenings.
So, I am trying to drop a few pounds.  Twenty, specifically, at least.  25 would put me back at my "normal" weight.  I go to the gym 5 times a week so, I'm good there, but I LOVE carbs, so I'm not good there.  Shit!  

I'm going on a low carb diet.  By that I mean, I am doing my best to not eat so much bread!  :)

I'm in mourning for chocolate chip cookies.  Let us all take a moment of silence....

My real problem is- if I don't want to drink martinis every night (and I don't because I generally don't buy high enough quality vodka for a decent martini) (but I DO LOVE martinis, just so you know) What was my question?  Oh yeah, what in the sam hell am I supposed to mix my vodka with if I everything has carbs?  The answer is Soda Water.  Damn.  I guess it make more sense to learn to like it than it does to quit drinking.  

*     *     *

Today at the gym there was a nicely groomed gentleman with a pretty white beard sitting by the door. Dagny went up to him and says, "Look mom!  Santa Claus!"

*     *     *

I cooked potatoes to go with dinner tonight and I didn't have a single one.  NOT EVEN A BITE!  This is big.  HUGE.  I love potatoes.  I can't talk about this anymore without running the risk of ransacking my kitchen and going into a carbo-coma.  

Good news is that I am really digging the classes that my gym offers.  I took a ballet infused pilates class today for the second time.  I love it!  I feel long and stretched and open and just good!  It's a great feeling.  

Also, the weather here has been fantastic today!  Drizzly rain and less than 60.  Heaven!  I love it!  

I hope that you have also had a good day and you can sit and just be thankful for at least a moment.  

Life is good.  


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