Happenings: The Making of

Happenings: The Making of So, I've been a busy girl!  (Yay for me!  and Yay for you too!)

My cousin had that plant stand listed on craigslist and, naturally, I drove to her house to confiscate it.  I fancied it up just a bit this weekend.

I used some aqua spray paint for the base and "almost aqua" Giddon can paint (as in not spray...) for the round arm things.  I also "antiqued" it using a faux finish mixed with brown paint.  I think I had a little too much of the brown paint with the faux finish stuff for the lighter almost aqua.  But, luck be a lady, it turned out ok because I got the round things dirty the first time I put a plant on them and the antique look helped me not to cry about it getting dirty after 4 coats of paint.

(Also, that yellow chair in the background is another in-progress project...)

My next project was to turn a shelf like that one up here into something not ugly.  Well, that one is a lot better than the one I have but I didn't take a before picture.  Anyway, it was black like that and that's the point (one of the $10 ones from Walmart).  Luck be a lady again (craps references?  why not, it's gambling Monday.  Can that be a thing?  If so, I called it!), and also about $15 and a husband who is in a good mood because His Giants already won and My Cowboys were losing ... ok, I lost my self in that sentence.  Anyway, he helped and it had to do with the football gods shining on him and pissing on me.

So about $15 bucks- paint, bead board and a little time

After- without shelves

After- with shelves and Dagny (she helped, see the sandpaper?)

The color was "sea glass green" or something like that.  It's beautiful and I love it.  I am going, oh, I'm supposed to say that my husband helped so, WE are going to do a big book shelf this weekend.

I have very little space compared to all the enormous amounts of crap I have in my kitchen, so I use these for additional storage.  My heart is MUCH happier that I no longer have BLACK everywhere.  Well, it was just the two shelves, but that is A LOT in a small space.  Yay for green and COLOR!

Excited!  May your creations be lovely!


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